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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Here we are at the brink of 2016… how is it possible that 364 days have passed since the first of 2015? Well, I guess it was simply one day at a time. They sure do add up fast, don’t they?

We’ve enjoyed a wonderfully delayed autumn this year, at least here in Southern New England—warm sunny days and balmy one-blanket nights, but it seems Winter finally got the message. We’re into the two-blankets-and-a-heavy-quilt phase now. I’ve dusted off the mukluks, brought out the heavy coats, mittens and scarves, and I suspect we’ll be more than grateful for them in the near future.

Ah well, we’ve been ready for a while. With a good supply of wood—well-stacked and covered, on the front porch, the soup-makings well stocked, a cozy throw on each of our recliners, and a basket of knitting projects beside mine... yep! I say bring it on!

As you might imagine, MouseHouse Village has taken advantage of these bonus weeks of good weather too, both to continue stashing and storing for harsher days to come, as well as preparing for their celebrations. The Harvest Festival was a great success, and now they are readying for a grand New Year Celebration at Schoolhouse Hall.

That behind them, many will settle in for quieter indoor pursuits, safe and snug from the storms. Underground Tunnel provides mobility for those who need or want to keep their shops open through the winter months. And there are always some who need a few supplies or perhaps just some socializing—maybe a cuppa chicory or a game of sunflower-seed checkers with an old friend.

Miss Winklesnout holds classes for the children as long as they can travel safely from home to Big Rock School, but when the storms come, and the snow gets too deep, they too will huddle by the home-fires.

Fivelina looks forward to the quieter days, as do I. Her project list is far more pressing than mine, I suspect, with five children still at home. Keeping up with new overalls and shirts, pinafores and dresses as the mouselings grow must be nearly overwhelming, not to mention overcoats and mufflers! There are blankets to knit and coverlets to quilt, not to mention the ongoing mending. And I know there are finer things she wishes for too—table coverings, throw pillows and warm braided ruglets. Ah! She is an industrious lady! I don’t know how she keeps up, and all with the sunniest disposition. It’s positively inspiring, I tell you!

I don’t suppose she makes resolutions though. And when you think about it, they really are rather fruitless, maybe even self-defeating. At least that’s been my experience. Seems like it would be best, one day at a time, to just work on whatever it is I want to improve, and you know how that goes. One day at a time accumulates to one week at a time, that soon turns into a month at a time… and before we know it, it’ll be the brink of another year!

Meanwhile, that project list awaits.