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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Throwbacks and Lolling...

     Throwback Thursday, also known as ‘tbt.’  Do you know how long it took me to figure that one out? Not sure when it finally hit me, but I have to say that for a long time I wondered why so many were prefacing their comments by blowing raspberries—thbttttt! True, there’s an extra ‘h’ in there, but for want of a better explanation… well, you get the point. I imagined there might be a lot spittle on monitors and SmartPhones!
     And while we’re on the matter of euphemisms, there’s the ‘lmao’—laughing-my-oops-off and ‘roflmao’—rolling on the floor laughing my oops off.
     Hmm.  Well, being the lady that I am, I have to say that both caused a blush of embarrassment, but I have to admit it’s been awhile since I laughed so hard that I rolled onto the floor! And for sure I wouldn't tell you if I did! The mental picture alone is enough to, well almost have me rolling on the floor, but really, it’s too much work to get back up again.
     Then there’s ‘lol.’  I went around thinking, for quite awhile, that a lot of folks were lol-ing around after  finishing their FB comments, and simply didn’t know how to spell the word—loll. You know, loll, as in slouching about in lazy ease. Goodness! Did they really need to tell us about it?
     Well, I’m a better educated Gramma now and, if I'm to believe FaceBook, I guess there’s a whole lot of laughing-out-loud going on in living rooms and offices around the nation, in cars too. And, if I’m to take the other abbreviations seriously, it seems there’s a whole lot of people falling off their chairs and rolling around the floor as well!  Who knew?
     Me, I try to keep my guffawing to myself for the most part, at least when I’m reading. It’s a form of laziness really; I don’t like to have to explain my chuckles to someone passing by.
     Now what was it I was going to say about Throwback Thursday? Hmm. Beats me. lol

1 comment:

Gloria Tompkins said...

That was good for a chuckle out of me knowing that someone else had the same problem. #Lol!!#😁