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Sunday, November 23, 2014

October 1, 2013

Leaves. It seemed like a good idea to rake up a few today, get some aerobic exercise and keep ahead of the raining leaves. R-i-g-h-t. Was I kidding myself? You bet. After pushing one big pile onto the tarp, I turned back to view my handiwork. What?! A bazillion leaves already lying on the ground where I just raked? Sigh. But when I came in for lunch and saw the huge pile I'd dumped into the woods, well... gotta admit it, I smirked a little.

This is the one time of year that being near woods, and having so many trees in our yard, is questionable. I'll get over it though. Especially after a long barren winter and those same trees bud out again in the spring.

Meanwhile, up in MouseHouse, little Bic is still recuperating from his frightful experience. Someone suggested that I tell Fivelina about Calendula ointment... so I relayed the message to her this morning. She gave me an ah-ha look, tapping her head as if to say 'of course, why didn't I think of that?' and then scurried off to her pantry without even saying goodbye. I smiled and stepped away, leaving her to the ministrations. Hopefully Bic will be more comfortable soon.

Betina has a beau. A rather handsome dude-of-a-mouse actually. I saw them chatting together near the pachysandra patch when I was raking. I didn't stop to listen of course, that'd be rude, and they both ducked further under the pachysandra leaves when they saw me, but not before I noted her pretty tan cheeks all flushed, her brown eyes just a-sparkle as she smiled so shyly up at him. I suspect there may be a wedding in the spring, but one never knows. Young love can be so fickle.

Ben faithfully brings homework for Bic each day so he won't get behind in his studies, and demure little Bitsy helps any way she can. Our Bic is considerably quieter and more sober than his usual spunky self, so everyone is just pulling together until he is well.

Nothing like a crisis to help us appreciate one another a little more.

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