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Sunday, November 23, 2014

September 27, 2013

Errand day. The post office, library, and three-part grocery list--taxables at Wal-Mart, a few things at Nature's Grocer, the rest at the supermarket--then cart it all home, bring it in the house, and we still have to put it all away. Whew! Exhausting. Still, I'm grateful for my lot. Fivelina has to fetch her food supplies one kernal at a time! Literally. What a busy-little-bee...ah, mouse, she is. And seemingly tireless.

With the triplets off to school and Betina busy washing the breakfast dishes, Fivelina rushes off with her tiny woven-hay basket on her arm, out to the field where she gathers every seed and leftover veggie part she can carry. And it's a challenge too! Do you know how many other creatures compete for the same kernal or seed? Yikes. And being the lady she is, she is as apt to offer her find to some other Chippie or Mouse-Mother, as take it herself.

After awhile though, the basket is full-to-the-brim, and she hurries back to the down-spout below MouseHouse , and begins the long climb up the timber supporting it, careful not to spill one morsel from her basket. Let me tell you! That's a feat!

She dumps the basket carefully on the kitchen table, where Betina's job is to sort and clean each morsel before storing and covering them neatly in the appropriate acorn-jar in the pantry. She waits until Mama leaves before sampling a piece or two.

Fivelina is off again with her empty basket, back to the woods and field... always busy, and always at risk. Mr. Spookowl watches her every move from the treetop.

Now, where was I... oh yes, back to those groceries that still need to be put away.

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