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Sunday, November 23, 2014

September 14, 2013

Daylight comes much later now, but the hubby and I venture out to the back porch in the dark even still, scruffy and bed-headed, bathrobe and slippers schlopping, mugs of coffee in hand--or in my case, tea. We settle in our back-porch recliners--yup, there really is such a thing--and sip our morning waker-uppers, staring out at the blackness beyond the screens. Funny how the darkness makes us whisper, ever notice that?

What's that scritching sound I hear? I look up in the general vicinity of MouseHouse and, in the lamplight shining out from the kitchen window, I can just barely see Fivelina's triplets playing hangle-dangle from the edge of the gutter! Goodness! My heart lurches--they are going to fall for sure! Funny how little ones have no fear sometimes.

Fivelina's scolds in a hearty mouse-whisper... Bitsy, Bic and Ben... you get your naughty selves right back in here and eat your cereal! If I've told you once, I told you a dozen times not to play out there in the dark. Come. Now. Let your father tell you about Spook Owl and what he'll do if he sees you out there! I smile again, remembering... Then wrap my hands more firmly about my mug of tea and take a nice long swallow.

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