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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

November 2, 2013

So tonight's the night--the end of Daylight Saving. For the next several months we'll have Eastern Standard time... no saving involved, nothing thrifty about it, just standard mediocrity... and a whole lot of darkness!
Well, for me it's the official beginning of winter, pull-the-drapes and light-the-candles-at-four time, keep a kettle-of-stew-bubbling-on-the-back-burner time, and yes, it's also battle-the-doldrums time.
MouseHouse is without windows, out of necessity I suspect, but not a bad choice either when you think about it. There's not much to look at outside this time of year. When they need a little air, or want to see what's happening beyond the front door, they simply step out onto the veranda. No doubt it's a good way to get fresh air, and just think of all the window-washing, curtain-laundering chores that Fivelina never has to do! One thing's for sure, their home is draft-free and cozy as can be.
I have yet to step out onto Back Porch this morning... this time of year it's simply too dark and spooky at 5:00 a.m. I suspect though, that the mouselings are still fast asleep in their cozy bunks, and Sir Fivel and his Fivelina are sitting at their table, enjoying the quiet, sipping freshly brewed chicory from sturdy wooden mugs, another one of Fivel's carved creations.
Betina is, as well, likely still abed this Saturday morning. She's had a busy week at school where she works now as a teachers' aide for Miss Winklesnout. She and Bret continue to prepare their new home for the upcoming nuptials in the spring. Bret lives in their new place now, but his bride-to-be will stay with her parents until after the wedding.
Another thing--at MouseHouse there are no clocks, no adjustments to time changes, no deadlines or constraints. The woodland creatures live by the rules of nature. No matter the time of year, they rise with the sun and sleep when it's dark. Well, some of them. Then there are those who hunt at night, lurk about in the dark, looking for prey, not unlike some humans I suppose. We won't go there.
Meanwhile, later today, I will go around Hare Hollow House, exclaim over the many clocks we've accumulated over the years, take each one down from its perch, and set the new time--Eastern Standard Time. Not sure what's standard about it except that it's standard every year-- I get hungry an hour earlier, think it's time to sleep before I've finished my dinnertime stew, and have a vague something-is-weird feeling for weeks!
Ah well. Bring-it-on Ole' Man Winter. We're ready for you. Not!

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