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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

January 25, 2014

Time to change out the d├ęcor at Hare Hollow, tuck away the holiday ribbons and poinsettia arrangements—after all, it’s nearly February.
No, not the winter-greens draped along cabinet tops, and here and there on a shelf, or the top of the piano; I’ll leave them until the beginning of March. I crave greenery in the winter!
So it was, earlier this week that I ventured out on Back Porch where there was a large basket arrangement of greens and everlasting-poinsettias perched prettily on an old baker’s rack that I keep out there.
Now you see, Back Porch is only screened in, so depending on the direction of the wind, the elements blow right through and cover surfaces willy-nilly, a dusting here and small drift there.
A large holiday arrangement was perched on the work-surface of said- bakers’ rack where it not only decorated Back Porch nicely, but could be seen as well from inside the big glass doors. As I began to dissemble it, I noticed the tiniest footprints on the snow covered work-surface, that you-ever-did-see, winding from the edge of the rack right up to the basket. Hmm! I wonder!
Yup, sure enough! As I plucked greens and floral picks out of the basket, out came sunflower seed-shells by the dozen. I didn’t investigate further, but I had to smile as I thought of that wee creature gathering sunflower seeds from the feeders outside, finding his way inside Back Porch, up the side of Bakers’ Rack and zip—into the cozy floral-foam lined basket full of greenery and ribbons, protected from elements and enemies alike! Can’t you just see him lolling about, gazing in at us sitting in our recliners by the woodstove?
Not wanting to spoil his winter retreat, I left most of the greens in the basket, and, with a chuckle, brought the holiday decorations in to store away.
Ahhh Bic. I think you’re up to shenanigans again!

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