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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

January 1, 2015

Whew! Got thru that: writing 2015 for the first time. Daunting isn’t it? Can you believe that fifteen years ago we were worried about Y2K, anxious about all-we-knew-as-normal stopping short as we hovered at the brink of a new millennium?
We listened to predictions and prognostications, and sadly the dooms-dayers and nay-sayers all made their fortunes scaring us to death while we stockpiled enough goods to hunker down for months, backed up our computer files, bought camp-stoves in case our microwaves no longer worked, purchased alternate lights and power sources in case the power-grid crashed, and well, prepared for doom!
The day dawned and we waited with bated breath. Turned out to be like any other day, and still we waited a few more days to be sure things were normal. They were. For the most part.
Amazing how long it took my brain to shift into 2000-mode, for weeks every check had an inked-out-19 on the date-line, but I got there—finally.
So here we are fifteen years later. A lot has happened in the world in that time—some good, a lot not-so-much. And quite truthfully, New Year’s Day is always a bit daunting to me. Why, you ask? Simply because we hear so much about new beginnings, fresh slates, lofty resolutions and making a better-you. Frankly, it’s overwhelming!
Happy New Year? If I can just make today a better day than yesterday, make wiser choices for my health, both physical and spiritual, just for today, concentrate on gratitude and kindness just for today, look for small ways to bring another ease here and now, and most importantly, trust God for the strength and wisdom for today, isn’t that more realistic? After all, we’re not even promised tomorrow, much less the next 364.
Resolutions? What brings ease to my soul is simply to resolve to do my best today… and then leave tomorrow in His capable hands.
So to you, dear FB friend, I wish health, peace and contentment, one day at a time, today and every single—yes, single—day that is ours to live.
Happy New Day—2015.

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