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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

October 4, 2014

Schlumpadoozlin’ Saturday. You know the kind. A drizzly-dreary day that, even after opening the blinds, you still need the lights on. A day for catching up. Notice I didn’t say on what—it can be anything from sleep to Gotta-do’s, but it’s sure nice to have one of them now and then.
Home from our trip, we are unpacked, laundered, and yes, even settled back into the day-to-day. There’s nothing like packing for a cabin-stay to teach a person what’s really important, and my guess is the list differs for each individual. For me, if I have a good bed to sleep in, a comfy place to sit—indoors or out, with a good light for reading or doing needlework, a way to brew my tea and prepare a meal, then I’m a happy girl. Of course little comforts to make things homey are nice too—soft pillows, cozy couch throws, quilts, and yes, even a few doilies to pretty things up a bit. Hey, they don’t take up much room and really add to camp-d├ęcor!
It was a wonderfully restful get-away and I loved being with my family, seeing their sweet faces each morning, chatting and laughing together around the fire. How blessed we are to know that kind of contentment!
Guess there were no stowaways this year, at least none that I know of. Likely MouseHouse Village is too taken up with the tragic loss of little Tina’s family and helping her readjust to life without them. The school board took offers from several families in The Hollow, and decided that the best place for little Tina is right where she’s been staying—with Miss Winklesnout.
A single lady with no family of her own, Miss Winklesnout had already formed an attachment to the little girl, and expressed great interest in raising her. After considering all the other options—families already too large to take in another mouseling despite their big-hearted willingness—the board granted Miss Winklesnout adoption rights to wee Tina.
“We will all need to come together and help make our teacher’s accommodations more suitable for this little child, and perhaps we can all find it in our hearts to help with food and clothing donations as well…”
No need to ask twice. As soon as the Village got word of the tragedy, clothing, bedding and food poured into the school house and at Miss Winklesnout’s residence.
Sir Fivel and Olaf are over-seeing a renovation at the teacher’s home as we speak, tunneling out a larger area so the little girl can have a bedroom of her own. The carpenter gentleman has already begun building a bunk for her, with drawers beneath to store her clothes. By the time the boys have the walls framed in and sealed, the bed will be ready. And yes, he is carving his signature hearts-and-flourishes on the headboard.
Some of the ladies have donated quilts and tiny pillows for her, and Fivelina is working on a warm winter coat from a small piece of wool found at Underground Warehouse, a former pocket to some larger outer garment it came with lining intact! She cut it to fit the little girl perfectly, complete with a hood and a bit of room for growing. She, like her carpenter husband, embellishes her work with hearts—this time, tiny ones on the coat collar.
For sure, there’s no lack of love and concern for the little orphan, but still her little heart grieves for all that was familiar and dear—her family and her home.
On the bright side though, everyone is wrapping up winter preps. Pantries are full. Homes are well-stocked, padded and cozy. Life is good because their Creator provides well, they are grateful and content.
So now… back to my schlumpadoozlin’ Saturday. Yup. Life is good.

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