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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

May 15, 2015

Marvelous May. Truly it is a marvel! Think back to just a few weeks ago when there were piles of snow here and there, the trees were still skeletal and bleak, the landscape depressingly brown and barren, what little was visible that is.
This morning though, I awakened to bird-song-- tentative little chirps at first, and in just moments a chorus of melodious cacophony. What a cheerful greeting to the day! I have to admit though, the warm covers delayed my rising, pulled me right back--honest they did! The same open windows that emitted that balmy, fresh air at bedtime was emanating 40-degree briskness this morning. It was, well, a bit nippy! Warm fuzzy robes and slippers have not yet been retired to the winter bins, despite the high-80's, air-conditioning scramble of just a few days ago.
What's amazingly wonderful though is BackPorch view! The woods tranformed to layers of green: shrubs, saplings, and age-old trees alike, each of them donning, day by day, their brightest new-green attire. It was subtle at first. Just a hint of red buds on the hillside, then a tint of green, and now a full-fledged blooming of every shade imaginable. And flowering trees--oh how I love them! It's sadly short-lived, those wow-moments as we drive past bright purple red-buds, or snowy white dogwoods, pink cherry blossoms and so many others. Just one windy afternoon results in clouds of fragrant, colorful flower-snow, scattered piles of pink fluff here and there. Forsythia, azaleas, rhodos, daffies, tulips, lilacs--oh, the color and aromas! Can there be anything as beautiful as May?
(Achoooo!) Bless me! Oh, did I mention the pollen? I've forgotten what color our cars were, buried beneath a thick layer of the brown-green stuff. And BackPorch, despite a thorough spring-cleaning just days ago, wears a green-grit coating on every surface. Ah well... beauty comes at a price, even, or maybe especially, in nature.
'Scuse me while I grab a tissue!

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