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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

November 6, 2013

Hump Day… “climbing the proverbial hill to get through a tough week” as one source defines it. So, dear readers, we’ve climbed the hill for this week and made it to the top. Its all clear sailing, or sliding, however you want to look at it, from here to the weekend. Weeeeeeeee!
Funny how we set mini-goals for ourselves, little rewards we hold onto, mini-milestones that help us get through the mundane, or even the downright unpleasant parts of our days. 
So here we are to Wednesday already, can the weekend be far away? Nope. We’ll be breezing into Thursday in no-time, and Friday follows in a blur. And there you are! Problem is the weekend passes in a heartbeat and you’re right back at Monday again. [sigh]
Sobering to consider that maybe we’re wishing our lives away. Wonder if I could learn to relish each day, no matter its title, and despite its hurdles or difficulties. I’m well aware that tomorrow is not a surety, and that today may be all I have. What liberty of spirit to simply rejoice in the present, the time I have today, and leave every tomorrow in the capable hands of the One who has power over it all.
No doubt there is wisdom in preparing for tomorrow, as any wise member of MouseHouse and Village can vouch. They sure know how to enjoy the moment, attested by the nightly revelry going on in the attic! I think I heard Sir Fivel lecturing some of the rabble-rousers last night though, if not him, then some other authority in the mouseling culture. It remains to be seen (or heard) if they will take the wise counsel, or risk being evicted by the landlord!
And now, being the day that it is, I must be off to work!

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