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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

November 12, 2013

First snow of the season here in Southern New England—what a beautiful sight! I opened the blinds this morning to see our brown-gray landscape transformed to sugar-coated wonder. Funny how quickly that eiderdown-fluff insulates our little piece of earth here, even muffling the sound of the morning traffic.
Our little birds are happy to come in under the back-porch overhang this morning where breakfast is being served on the side-rail—small handfuls of sunflower seed plopped here and there, and tucked under the lower rail for the shy ground-feeders who won’t compete with the others.
Bic, Ben and Bitsy are muffed and mittened too, although theirs is of the warm fabric kind, lovingly sewn into cozy hooded parkas, bright colored scarves and mittens to match. They, along with their school-mates, scurried along to Big Rock School this morning, squealing and laughing in pure delight. Miss Winklesnout will have difficulty getting them to settle down, I suspect.
Sir Fivel will spend the day near Walnut Woodstove today, the weather is much too inclement to be heading out to the furniture shop, so he plans to work on some small pieces right here at home.
Fivelina is always happy to have him near, and he doesn’t know it yet, but she has plans to make good use of her store of dried crab-apple slices, along with the ample stash of sunflower seeds. It’s a savory nut-meat pie that will be baking soon for the noon meal.
Betina left for school even before the triplets. She is always there early to help Miss Winklesnout get ready for the children—this morning especially, so there would be a good toasty fire going in the stove before the little ones came in, cold and yes, very likely with wet clothes and feet again.
The discussion this morning? Snow-tunneling. It’s never too soon, you know, to learn how to make safe and effective tunnels from the various places they need to go. So they will hear the how-to’s first, Betina will draws diagram on the slate-slab board, while Miss Winklesnout lectures, and then at recess, there’ll be a real-time demonstration outdoors—that is, if the sun doesn’t come out before then and melt all this pretty snow!
Ah well… enough imagining. Time to settle by my own fire and get busy on some of these sewing projects waiting! Time’s a wasting!

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