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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

November 26, 2014

“Is it slaining or sneeting?” our daughter called to ask this morning. While we’re miles apart and the weather can be surprisingly different up here in the hills, compared to her area, I knew just what she meant. It’s both pinging on the roof and windows, yet there are definite flakes coating the surfaces here. Whatever you call it, I’m grateful to not be on-the-road-to-somewhere in it, and my prayers go out to those of you who are.
Meanwhile, I’ve been polishing tables and chasing dust-bunnies out of corners I’d forgotten since last year (or it sure looked that way!) and soon the bake-a-thon will begin. Amazing how much time and preparation is involved in such an occasion, isn’t it? And it always amazes me that, after all that work, and we’re finally gathered around the table, it takes such a short time to put-it-all-away. The food, that is. The platters and stock-pots are another matter—who keeps them in the kitchen cabinets anyway! Seldom-used serve-ware is typically tucked away in storage, under the seldom-used tablecloths or deep in a box in the basement. And in this house anyway, it seems to take weeks to get everything put back to normal.
Do you have little annoyance piles in your house too? Things that need to go upstairs, or downstairs, or in a bottom drawer somewhere out of the way, but you set them aside for the-next-trip. Only the next-trip happens over and over, the pile of put-aways is long forgotten. It becomes part of the real-estate after awhile, until weeks (maybe months) later you ask yourself, why are those trays still sitting there—they belong in the storage closet!
Ah well. Back to the kitchen!
Have a wonderful, safe Thanksgiving everyone… and give each of your loved ones a special, meaningful hug. We never know if we’ll get to hug them again.

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