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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

November 5, 2014

The day-after. Ever notice that the day-after anything—a holiday, a much-awaited vacation trip, or any long-anticipated celebration—has us feeling rather wiped-out and slumpish when it’s over? I speak for myself of course, but I suspect I’m not the only one.
Then there are events that, after they are over, have us feeling positively exuberant, or at least remarkably relieved. That would be my sentiment on this post-election day—no more mailboxes filled with glossy mug-shots of toothy-grinned, stuffed-shirt politicians begging for my vote, no more ugly political signs marring the landscape, no more negative ads, no more street-corner buffoons waving at traffic as though their gushing friendliness will alter my decision to vote for them instead. O happy day—it’s over!
Now onto the next big thing—the holidays. And mind you, I do love the celebrations, the family days, the feasting, the laughter and joy, but here’s the thing: how do we get it across to the merchants that we don’t need 50 of their catalogs—one or two a week. Same contents, different covers. If we didn’t want what’s in it last week, what makes you think we’ll like it with a different cover this time? Talk about overstuffed mailboxes!
And going into a store during this season is an experience to reckon with. Ever notice how much narrower the aisles are when the Christmas merchandise is stocked? Doesn’t matter if it’s a box-store, a grocery store or--my favorite, the craft-store, it’s risky just pushing a cart around when there’s hardly room for two to pass! Manners disappear. Christmas spirit! What’s that? Rudeness and grouchapensity abound! (Spell-check is convulsing on that one—just a second while my computer recovers…)
Oh… and by-the-way… what happened to Thanksgiving? Somehow, back in August, we skipped from post-Independence Day fireworks and flags to… Christmas?! Yup. Probably in your town too.
Must be all this aggravation has given me a case of grouchapensity as well, so I better step back-a-pace and focus on today, post-election day. (happy sigh)
It’s balmy at Hare Hollow this morning, almost warm enough to sit out on BackPorch with my cuppa. Y’know, that’s a good idea! Maybe I’ll go chat with Sir Fivel awhile, assuming he hasn’t left for the carpenter shop yet.
The rocker squeaks it's friendly rhythm, a swallow of fresh tea warms my tummy, and as I pull my robe tighter around me in the cool November air, I have to admit: Day-afters can be a good thing.

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