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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

November 24, 2014

A Nor’easter for Thanksgiving—now there’s something to be thankful for! Might take some effort, but surely there are reasons.
Let’s see… poultry-for-a-crowd thawing in the fridge, enough vegetables-pies-and-condiments in-house to last for weeks, and all our no-show guests snowbound? I’m working on it—ummm, let’s see, lots of food to add to the pantry and freezer?
Oh, and if the power goes out, turkey cooked on a woodstove by candlelight? Hmmm. Not on ours anyway. But assuming the power stays on long enough to cook it, at least we could freeze the leftovers in the snow on BackPorch!
Well then, let's just say over-the-river and through-the-woods… our guests can find their way to Hare Hollow, maneuver Goose Lane Hill, and keep from sliding into Lemek Pond on the downside, where will they park when they get here? Gram and Gramps are in no shape to shovel a foot of snow, let me tell you! We can hope our plowman doesn’t mind spending the holiday plowing, but can we count on him even being home and not miles away at Gramma’s house too?
I can see it now… cars tucked here and there along the roadside drifts, our loved ones trekking across the expanse with hip-boots and mittens, hats and parkas buttoned tight, loaded down with sleeping bags and gear—you just never know, they might have to stay once they got here! Yes-yes! Now that would be something to be thankful for! What fun we’d have!
I know-I-know, I’m getting carried away. Must be recent memories of seven feet of snow in Buffalo. That couldn’t happen here though, right? Nah! [gulp]
You see though, these storm events are meaningless in MouseHouse Village. Impending snowstorms simply mean that underground tunnels are opened and readied. We plow roads, they open tunnels. Now who’s the smarter on that one, I ask?
So the Village festivities will go on no matter what, at least for all who can get as far as BigRock and the tunnels there. The Fivel Family and many others must travel through the weather to that point, but they too are well-versed in making do. Sir Fivel with the help of his boys—son-in-law Brett and nephew Olaf, will simply push a tunnel under the snow, direct to BigRock. Fivelina and the girls, bearing covered pans and casseroles will follow behind. Oh the gleeful carousing and joyful camaraderie that will be going on in Underground Hall!
Meanwhile, my getting-ready must-do’s have been pushed up a day or two, including getting to the grocery store. And seeing there’s a storm forecast, added to my list will be the seven-loaves-and-gallons we all pursue en masse before a storm. Ever notice that? Enough bottled water, bread-milk-and-snacks to last a winter, for a mere two-inch snow prediction? Well, maybe they’ve got something there. I’ll bet the Buffalo residents were mighty thankful last week that there were still six loaves in the pantry when they opened the front door to a wall of snow.
Oh.. that’s right! This was about being thankful for a Nor’easter. I am thankful for safe shelter, warmth and ample provisions. I’m thankful for health and wellness, for dear friends and family like you who read-and-like my silly ramblings. And I will be especially thankful if by some miracle we can all still gather to our various destinations on Thanksgiving Day to celebrate one another and our time together. But if the Nor’easter prevents that, I will be thankful that we are all home safe.
Be safe dear friends. And don’t forget your seven-loaves-and-gallons! [wink]

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