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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

December 20, 2014

Anticipation: eager expectation of something pleasant to come.
Chocolate chip cookies cooling on parchment, pumpkin spice muffins baking in the oven—is there a more tantalizing aroma? Possibly bread baking, that’s certainly a contender. In any case, the anticipation of sharing these delectables with my loved ones in a few days is a sweet thing.
This morning I am particularly grateful to be home in a quiet, warm, peaceful spot, anticipating a day full of baking and catch-up. After a short shopping stint early yesterday—last minute groceries and other small errands, and the certainty that, being the last weekend before Christmas, the crowds and chaos will be mind-bending today—ah yes! I’m grateful. The projects are done, presents wrapped and ready, and all that’s left is the baking and yup, you guessed it—sweet anticipation.
MouseHouse Village celebrates tomorrow—the first day of winter, so I’m sure tiny creature-kitchens are bustling this morning too. Early in the morning, the Fivel Family, as well as their many neighbors, will gather around wood-fires, opening their carefully made presents. Then mothers will gather up their carefully wrapped casseroles and delicacies, tuck babies into buntings, and children into snowsuits for the trek to Underground Tunnel.
Sir Fivel, being the eldest gentleman, always asks the blessing. He signals for quiet and silence descends upon the noisy group as, one-by-one, they join hands, caps removed, heads bowed in respectful anticipation. He offers humblest thanks to the Creator for their bountiful harvest, for health and safety, and shelter for the cold winter ahead. Gratitude is, after all, the simplest and perhaps most heartfelt prayer.

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