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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

August 8, 2014

Thought I’d do a little gardening yesterday morning; the weeds—oh dear, need I say more? So with trowel and bucket in hand and kneeling on cushy pads—don’t laugh, my knees are delicate—I proceeded.
After a time, enough was cleared to plant some long-neglected perennials I’d purchased a couple of weeks back. So off to Potting Shed I went to fetch the bag of garden soil.
Now this bag was already opened—I’d used some earlier in the spring—the top merely rolled shut, and I shouldn’t have been surprised to find that some little creature had investigated its contents. After all, we do live in the country! Still, as I peered inside, I was surprised to find little bits of paper towel mixed into the soil, and further surprised when a plastic cup I’d used to fill earlier pots came tumbling out, spilling more confettied-paper-towel, bits of pink and blue gloves and other things I couldn’t identify.
“What on earth…?” I started to say when out flew Mama Mouse with multiple infants attached to her nether-parts. In her haste to escape, one of the wee ones dropped off onto the ground.
“Ohhhhh!” I exclaimed, my heart aching for the poor little mite. I imagined it’s wee cry, “Mommy, mommy—don’t leave me!” I stepped back, retreated to the shade of Potting Shed and watched awhile, hoping Mama Mouse would come back for her baby. She didn’t. So I scooped up the tumbled contents of the plastic cup, laid it on its side in the shade, and carefully placed said-baby into the ‘nest.’ Time will tell if Mama came back—I’m heading out there again this morning.
So yes, MouseHouse adventures are entertaining, but real-life can be too! And a bit sad at times too.

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