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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

January 1, 2014

Happy New Year - January 1, 2014

“Expect the coldest temperatures in 20 years,” the weatherman said tonight in dire tones...” going on to warn of the dangers of frostbite, leaving pets outdoors and frozen pipes.
Well, there won’t be any danger of frostbite for this ole’ girl. The extra quilt is already on the bed, the fleeces and snugglies are laid out for my long winter nap, and yes, I’ll be house-hibernating for the next couple of days thank-you-very-much! (And feeling blessed that I can!)
The kitties—Sir Mattie and MaisyMae are already snug in their self-appointed snooze spots, only coming out of snore-mode long enough for a snack or other important matters that can’t be taken care of on the couch!
As for frozen pipes, I think we’ve already insulated all the questionable ones 20 years ago. Hopefully, no little four-legged creatures have borrowed any of it to pad their own nests in the attic! Guess we’ll soon find out.
There was lots of scurrying around MouseHouse and Village today. Their weather-station also predicted the winter blast, and wouldn’t-you-know, just in time for school to start up after the holidays. Of course there won’t be any until after the storm—Miss Winklesnout sent the message by courier this afternoon. I heard Bic and Ben cheering!
There was lots of last-minute rushing around though, pulling extra quilts and paw-snugglies out of storage, fluffing mattresses and cushions, getting them ready to snuggle into and Fivelina had a savory vegetable stew simmering on Walnut Woodstove. My guess is such was the case in many of the woodland homes.
Sir Fivel brought an ample pile from the wood closet, stacking it near the stove, then he and Betina went over to help Bret finish the last of the insulating around their new home-to-be. It’s nearing completion, but is hardly storm-worthy yet, so he will weather-the-storm with the Fivel-family, batching on their couch for a couple of nights—much more pleasant than sitting home snowbound by himself! Betina is more than a little thrilled of course.
Olaf is doing well in his apprenticing. Though work is scarce at this time of year, Fivel keeps him busy with finish-work—carving knobs and trim pieces for the furniture, something they can both do by the fire, staying warm and productive at the same time.
Sounds like a plan. Well, maybe tomorrow anyway. After a good long cozy sleep, and a lazy cuppa by the woodstove in the morning, maybe then I’ll find something to do, by the fire, where I can also stay warm, and be productive? Nah! Maybe another nap.

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