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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

September 19, 2014

Scrumptalicious. I’ll bet you know exactly what I mean—autumn smells—apple pies baking, or sweet potatoes, or baked butternut squash drizzled with butter and brown sugar, stuffed pork chops sizzling in the pan. Well, tonight, at Hare Hollow, it’s stuffed red peppers roasting in the oven and oh the aroma! Definitely an autumn scent.
Fivelina is preparing baked, stuffed acorns tonight. She scrapes out the nutmeats, then mixes crushed dried corn, millet and sunflower seed, along with berry juices, filling the acorn shells with the mixture. A spritzing of salt, dried herbs and a dribble of olive oil (Yes… Underground Warehouse even has condiments. You’d be amazed what can be gleaned from cast-off salad containers!) then into Walnut Woodstove oven it goes. And even though it’s MouseHouse Cuisine, I have to admit it smells pretty yummy as a little thread of steam wisps out of their chimney and wafts down to BackPorch.
She was drying berries on a thread the other day. I saw the lovely garland draped on BittersweetVine line and thought, wow, Fivelina’s getting into winter decorating a bit early here. But then, when the long strings disappeared before nightfall, I realized she was sun-drying those tiny rose-hip berries for her winter stash. Silly me.
Mmm. Did I mention roasting stuffed peppers smell delicious, and I’m hopeful they’ll be scrumptious too.
Shall I set out more plates?

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