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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

January 29, 2014

Polar Vortex. Even the words sound shivery. Can’t seem to recall hearing much about it before, so what I want to know is did the media make this one up to scare us? Nope. They didn’t make it up. As to whether they’re trying to scare us—that’s another question.
Google says the polar vortex is, in short, a polar cyclone that usually stays up north where it belongs and this year, for some unknown reason, is dipping south—way south! Maybe looking for a Florida vacation? Alas, in it’s whirling-twirling frenzy, it brings frigid air such as hasn’t been seen in awhile, chilling everyone and everything in its path. To the bone. Yup—all the way to Florida!
To quote our weatherman on WFSB, “It’s so cold the turtles are wearing people-necks!” And I say mufflers, parkas, and double mittens too.
So it’s all we talk about, hear in the news, and frankly, when we have to be out in it—all we can think about! Seems like there just aren’t enough layers to layer!
With long-johns and woolies on the underside and two pairs of pants over that, an undershirt and turtleneck, two sweaters, and a four-layer parka; a beanie, a face-mask, two scarves, double gloves, three pairs of socks and fleece-lined clod-hoppers, I ask you this—how is a person supposed to walk, much less fit behind the steering wheel of a car? It gives moon-walking a whole new perspective!
Ah well. Take heart, dear friends. Spring is only 53 days away.

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