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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

October 31, 2014

Happy Spooks Day! I suspect there are lots of excited children donning their costumes for school parties this morning. Ben and Bic are dressing up as ghoulish gourds. Papa found some mini-gourds in an abandoned garden last week, brought them home with the thought of repurposing them—perhaps large bowls for mixing or bathing wee mouselings?
Well, the boys found them and begged Papa to let them hollow out the interiors, poke some holes for their arms and legs and, with a little help crawling inside, voila— they'll be walking ghoulish gourds! Mama finished the look with hollowed-acorn shell caps. They might win the costume prize, who knows! One thing is for sure though—they’ll need help getting to school and back. There’s real concern that if they fell they might just keep rolling!
Bitsy, typical of her diminutive delicate self, is dressing up as a woodland fairy. Mama helped her sew a pretty lilac dress with a gossamer overlay that dips and drapes in fairy-like style. With a toothpick wrapped in more fabric and topped with a shiny sequin, she has a magic-wand-of-sorts, and let me tell you, she is one happy girl-mouseling!
Tatiana and Trieste are the berry-twins this morning. Each has a bright red tunic over their warm leggings. Mama sewed quilt batting—milk-thistle fluff — inside the tunics to round out bellies and backs. She sewed tiny millet seeds here and there, puckering the batting a bit to mimic strawberry seeds. She dried two strawberry stems and leaves, attached them to a wee red berets. They are adorable little berries at that—and let’s hope no big jay mistakes them for real ones!
We haven’t had trick-or-treaters at Hare Hollow for a number of years—the road is too dark and lonely where we are for wee ghosts-and-goblins. That doesn’t prevent ghostly thoughts—or maybe ghastly is a better word—of what is to come on November 1st: Daylight Savings Time ends and we turn the clocks back an hour—the official start of the dark winter season for this ole’ girl. Don’t like it a bit!
It’s a feat just to find all the clocks in the house and get them reset in sync, if you know what I mean. By the time I get to the kitchen, after setting the bedroom and office clocks, minutes have passed and I no longer know the correct time. So I rush back to the computer in the office to get the real-time again, and on the way to the kitchen, I see a pile of folded towels I forgot to put away earlier. I grab them on the way and drop them off in the bathroom, but then on the way back to the kitchen, I see the microwave blinking and realize I left my tea there to warm awhile ago. I reset it another minute, then proceed to the clock—but wait, the dryer just buzzed. I pull the iron-ables out and hang them quickly on hangers before turning back to the clock. Now what time was it in the office? Oh dear.
Ah well, it’s only 133 days until Daylight Savings Time starts up again, maybe I’ll just leave the clocks. Oh, right! It’s Happy Spooks Day not April Fool’s Day. Okay clocks. I’ll get right on that--tomorrow.

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