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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

February 14, 2015

Another storm. Yup—what else is new? Well, by now the checklist is: (see January 26 post)
Seven loaves and fishes? Nope—still have three loaves left from the last storm, and the fish can wait till we find the buried grill. Make that Earl Grey—piping hot and chocolate!
Stash of wood for the stove. Hmmm.The porch stash has seriously dwindled, and the woodpile—you guessed it—buried as well. Hip boots? Nope. We’re at ration-mode on the wood-fires.
Every available water container filled? Four gallons on the stairway, kettle and pitchers standing at-the-ready. The storm-buckets have taken up residence in our bathrooms waiting for the next one.
Extra quilts and blankets? Oh my yes. We haven’t taken them off since mid-January.
Car gassed. What for? We can barely see past the piles to get out of the driveway now! Another few inches and we simply won’t need gas. We’ll be here till spring!
Shovel at the ready? Poor over-used thing! Can’t speak for its enthusiasm about now, but there it hangs, faithfully by the garage door. Now the back muscles involved—that’s another story!
Hatches battened. They haven’t been unbattened in awhile, so yup… check on that.
Snowstorm… blizzard… whatever you are… give us what you’ve got. We’re hearty New Englanders, right? Not!

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