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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

April 14, 2014

A beautiful spring morning it is! Bird-song sonatas from treetop and limb, leftover leaves scuttle across the yard in the wind, and Sammies (squirrels) are busily retrieving nuts they buried earlier and couldn't find all winter. The clothes on BackPorch lines are whip-snapping in the brisk breezes and I am easily distracted while hanging them by all the activity around Hare Hollow.
During one of these pauses, I happened to look up at MouseHouse. Sure enough, Fivelina has her laundry out on Bittersweet Vine-line too! She's productive this morning--wait! Those are wee nappies strung across that line, a couple dozen of them I'm sure! Oh my... could it be? I step up on the kitchen step-stool, tap gently on MouseHouse door and wait. Betina appears, opening the door just slightly, "Good morning, Mama Hare... it's a lovely one, isn't it?" she greets so politely.
"Good morning, Betina. Indeed it is. Spring is finally here." I glanced over at the clothesline, "I couldn't help but notice the nappies on the line this morning... how is your Mama... has she... ah, do you have news for me?"
"Oh yes,..." she twinkles, "the twins arrived late Friday night. They and Mama are doing just fine. We have two wee girls this time, and Bitsy couldn't be happier. She can hardly leave them alone long enough to let them nap!"
Just then Fivelina, still wrapped in her morning robe, appeared holding the tiniest pink mouselings you ever did see. She stood there, just inside the doorway, so they wouldn't catch a draft, you see, one baby snuggled in each arm, just their wee faces peeking out of swaddling cloths, both fast asleep. I marveled at the miniature perfection--our Creator is an Artist at every level, and I found myself tearing up in awe of these darling babies, so incredibly small, yet so perfect.
"Oh Fivelina... they are just precious. Congratulations to you all. I'm so happy you are all doing well. I know it's more of a challenge as we get older, and I was worried about you..." I paused, searching her expression, hoping I hadn't said too much, perhaps offending her.
"Thank you, Ma'am. I'm feeling very well, thank you, but I will say I'm glad for Betina's help these first days. It's going to be busy around here again, I know."
"Well, I won't keep you standing in the doorway here. Thank you for showing me your sweet babies..." I turned to go, then turned back, remembering... "Have you named them yet?" I asked.
"Yes, Ma'am..." she smiled proudly. "This little one is Tatiana and..." looking now at the other one, "...this is Trieste."
"Welcome to the world Tatiana and Trieste..." I whisper gently, then glancing at Fivelina, " I really must go and let you get back to resting. Take care of yourself." She smiled graciously, her beautiful brown eyes sparkling with joy. Betina closed the door softly and I stepped back down onto BackPorch.
A while later, I raided my remnants bin and found several small pieces of pink fabric along with a few printed swatches of flannel, some I'd used long ago for babies of my own. I cut them neatly down to size to make it easier for Fivelina to work with, then folded and wrapped them neatly with a piece of pink ribbon, and left the bundle just outside MouseHouse door... my gift for the new arrivals.
Ah Spring! New life. New beginnings. It's all good.

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