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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

March 26, 2014

March winds. A classic harbinger of spring, I know, but really—must they howl so? At first awakening this morning I thought, ‘what IS that noise’ and, raising my other ear off the pillow (I hear so much better with both ears at work) it registered. Yup. Sure enough—March wind! The weatherman says it’s all we’ll get, here in CT, of the Nor’easter churning by off the NE coast. My deepest sympathies to our southern and eastern neighbors who are waking up to yet another blanket of wet-whiteness and hurricane-force howling. It’s a workday for me, so I’ll bundle-up-for-January and be on my way, but y’know, I have to ask—do you think Spring 2014 forgot us?
Fivelina is reclining in her rocker this early morning, feet up on an adorable little footstool that her doting hubby whipped up in a few evenings, complete with an etched edging with—yup, you guessed it—tiny hearts and vines. She’s a bit weary yet from a rather exciting day yesterday, but overall she’s feeling a lot better. She was even able to get the triplets ready for school these past few mornings, without much help from Papa Fivel. He means well, you know, but sometimes his patience lags when it comes to coordinating pokey breakfast eaters, lunch box preps, lost homework and missing shoes! Mamas just seem to know what comes next and where the missing shoe or spelling list might be found.
So Fivel is back to the shop most mornings—he and his apprentice, Olaf. Fivelina rests a bit after the family leaves, before tackling the morning chores. It was that way yesterday morning too. Betina had promised to stop by for tea and Fivelina thought she’d nap-for-a-few before baking some fresh sesame scones to serve with their tea. Suddenly she startled. Tap-tap-tap. “Oh my!” She rose from the chair… “Betina dear, is that you?” she peeked out before opening the door. There, gathered behind Betina's mischievious smiling face were several of the Village ladies, eyes sparkling, whiskers glistening daintily, bundled to their pink noses in cozy winter wraps, their arms laden with sweetly wrapped packages of every size and shape. “Surprise!” they squeaked in laughing voices. “May we come in!”
“Oh my! Oh dear… I meant to get up sooner and bake some scones… I had no idea! Oh dear-dear.” She was flustered and delighted all at once.
“Come now, dear Fivelina…” Wandalyn soothes, gently ushering her back to the rocker. “Don’t you worry about refreshments… we’ve brought them too!”
After much scurrying about, chairs brought around, winter-wraps neatly hung on the coat-rack by the door and a delectable spread of dainties laid on the table, the mouse-ladies sipped their rose-hip tea and politely nibbled cheese and cracker bits before urging the celebrant to open her pretty packages. Oh such adorable tiny buntings, packages of soft fluffy nappies tied in ribbons, wee undershirts and soft nighties with drawstring bottoms to keep tiny toes from peeking out, blankets and soft flannel sheets for the cradle… all hand-made of course. Fivelina was positively overwhelmed.
“Oh my dear friends! You shouldn’t have done all this. I’m so grateful for your kindness and all the work evidenced here. Thank you ever so much!”
After some cheerful sloshing and clattering in the kitchen, the ladies not only cleaned up their teacups and snack plates, but the breakfast dishes too! Soon after, they all left, giggling and tittering their way to Downspout Timber and back to their homes in the Village.
Betina helped her mama put away the new baby things, then urged her back to rest in her chair. “I must be going, Mama. You rest now until the boys get home… and then Bitsy will help you with supper. You’ve had an exciting day!” Fivelina smiled, hugging her thoughtful daughter warmly.
"Yes, dear. I will." She closed the door quietly, turning back to the now-quiet room. There was still laundry to do, and sweeping, and dusting, vegetables to chop for dinner, but maybe—just a wee nap on the couch first. She stretched out, propping her feet up on a pillow, stretching her toes out luxuriously. In moments she was fast asleep.
Yes. The recliner looks most inviting this blustery March-wind morning, but alas… I’m off to work.

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