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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

September 8, 2014

Hush. Ever notice that the last two letters are the sound we use to quiet babies, quarreling children, or maybe divert attention from a noisy conversation to something more profound or mysterious in the background? “Shhhhh—listen! Do you hear that?”
And for a moment, there is a hush. What soothing balm to ears and heart in this noisy, bustling world.
Early September mornings, especially chilly ones, tend to dawn with a hush. Even the crickets are too cold to chirp. Traffic hasn’t yet begun, nothing stirs except people like me, up at this hour, stirring honey into my tea. Clink-clink-clink.
It’s a wonderful time of day for quiet time, drawing close to the One who invites me daily to remember Him, praise Him, and ask of Him. What blessing there is in the hush if I avail myself of it.
I suspect Sir Fivel appreciates the hush of early morn as well. Often, in my early morning treks to BackPorch, I see him sitting quietly there on GutterEdge Veranda, under the overhang so he is well-hidden and safe. He sits, clad in his warm plaid robe and ever-present cap, chicory mug in hand, staring off at the faint edges of dawn creeping ever so slowly over the horizon. Not many would notice if they didn’t know where to look, but as I gaze up at him, he tips his cap in acknowledgement. It’s too dark to see much more than that, so in keeping with the morning hush, we simply leave it at that. No conversation. Just the hush.
Soon his lovely wife will join him for a few moments before she murmurs quietly, “Come in for a bite to eat before the children rise…” The tiny lamp-light from their cottage reflects onto BackPorch for a moment as they retreat, shutting the door behind them. And soon I hear the squeak-voices of the mouselings, then thumps and bumps as they bound from bed-to-floor, getting their clothes on for school. Then sure enough, I hear it… a small but familiar voice:
“Children! Hush now! You’ll wake the neighbors. Be quieter now and tend to your morning chores.” Sure enough, there is quiet again.
Oh to be so obedient to that Voice to my own heart. Hush now. “Be still and know that I am God.” (PS 46;10)

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