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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

August 4, 2014

August already and nearly a four month gap in Back Porch Ramblings from Hare Hollow. Many of you have asked, and of course the writer in me has to oblige, so here, my friends, is the latest from MouseHouse Village.
As you may recall, Sir Fivel and Fivelina had twins back in the spring—Trieste and Tatiana. Mouselings grow quickly you know, so yes, they are already scampering about, zipping up and down Downspout Timber, or more often, sliding down Bittersweet Vine Railing! Fivelina has to keep a keen eye on them as they have yet to learn the dangers of the outdoors.
Speaking of dangers, Papa Fivel’s bedtime story last night included a valuable lesson—this one about a distant relative’s run-in with Cat. (Now some of you will be vaguely familiar with this story, having heard one similar not many hours ago; slight variances are necessary for clarity to a broader audience.)
Papa began. “We knew of a wee mouseling who wandered into a place she shouldn’t have been, taken in by the yummy-smelling delicacies, packaged up for guests, after a large gathering. She found her way into one of the boxes, and, after helping herself to a hearty meal of blueberry pie, tucked herself under the edge of the pie tin and fell fast asleep.
She was rudely awakened sometime later by a jouncing and jostling such as she’d never known and clung-for-life to the edge of that pie tin! What could be happening?!
Trapped now, the box buried deep inside a cooler with other foodstuffs piled atop, it was dark and terribly frightening. A great rumbling began and a rocking motion that added further to her fright, but, after a time, she was lulled back to sleep.
Bright lights awakened her again, and there she was in some lady’s kitchen, looking up at two pairs of startled human eyes.
“Oh look Harold! A tiny mouse has come home with us from our gathering.”
Disgust colored his expression. “Well, goodness me! Take it outside at once and get rid of it!” He exclaimed.
“Oh my no! This is a special mouse… came home with us in the box with specially prepared food for a very special occasion. We can’t just put her out in the cold when she’s travelled all this way, so far from her home. We have to keep her. She’s a special little mouse.”
After some convincing, Harold went to town to get a lovely glass palace complete with the softest mouse bed you ever did see, toys and every imaginable amenity for this privileged wee mouse.
Mouseling wasn’t happy though. Eager to see what else was around, she wanted out of that glass palace—she loved adventure!
Well, Harold and his lady had another creature living in their home. Cat. He was big, well-fed with a large belly attesting to the fact, and he was partial to plump, tasty mouselings.
He sat day-after-day, peering into the glass palace, watching little mouseling run on her exercise wheel, nap in her comfy bed, and nibble away on all the delicacies provided. She grew plump and strong, strong enough to climb the side of glass palace and push on the cover. Cat waited patiently, tirelessly watching.
One day, after Lady finished cleaning the palace, fluffing the bed, and refilling the delicacy bowl, she left glass palace cover slightly ajar. As soon as she left the room, little mouseling snatched the opportunity. Up the side she flew, and squeezing through the slight opening, fled to freedom. Oh, all the things there were to explore! She hardly knew where to begin.
That evening, Harold noticed the empty palace. “Where’s our friend tonight?” he asked. “You holding her on your lap now?
Lady rushed to the glass palace. “Oh dear, dear! She must’ve gotten out. The cover is ajar.”
They searched and searched while Cat napped contentedly nearby, stirring slightly now and then, licking his lips contentedly. The tiny mouseling who found a special family and had the best of provisions, had no concern for the dangers outside. Her curiosity ruled and now she was gone.”
Papa Fivel paused, shaking his head sadly. He combed through his whiskers thoughtfully before adding, “so such was the demise of your great-aunt Mary Grace.”
Ben, Bic & Bitsy smiled knowingly as little Trieste and Tatiana stared in horror. “Papa…” Trieste squeaked, “are there Cats around our house?”
“Yes, my dear… and you need to be very careful to stay safe. Don’t dart about without looking where you’re going, or what’s around you. Danger lurks in dark shadows and even out in the sunshine too. We must be very alert. Always.”
More to come. And by the way, MouseHouse enthusiasts, you can find old editions of MouseHouse Tails by scrolling back on my page. I believe they started in September 2013.

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