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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

November 3, 2014

Negative political ads. Just one more political call at dinner-hour on top of the dozen more through-out the day (for the last several weeks!) and I may just sit on the floor, kick my feet, pound my fists, and scream unladylike epithets! Not that it will change anything, but I might feel a little better. Then too, maybe not.
We’ve been inundated with inquiries about who we plan to vote for, do we plan to vote at all, and—the past couple of days—reminders that it is our duty to vote! Excuse me?! Duty? I thought it was a privilege--although even that feels like a stretch right about now!
I feel annoyed-beyond-measure, disillusioned and yes, quite frankly bullied! And they want me to go out and vote for one of these buffoons tomorrow?
Yes, bullies—all of them! Didn’t we just hear about some kids being suspended from school for bullying fellow-classmates? And several high schools have cancelled games as punishment for misbehavior by team members?
Hello! Doesn’t anybody see the irony in this? How can we teach our children to accept differences in others and show respect for one another when the examples they see and hear, day-after-day, month-after-month, exhibit the behavior we've endured with these so-called politicians? Name-calling, back-stabbing, truth-bending, over-grown kindergarteners! There’s not one of them worthy of my vote! And to be quite honest, I’m horrified to think of any of them in office, running the state government.
Okay. Rant over.
Gratitude runs soul-deep that God IS in control—of everything. I trust Him completely. None of this will matter one bit down-the-road-a-piece. And no matter how old or young we are, bad behavior has consequences. Of that I am very certain. So I'll be nice, start dinner, be courteous and ladylike should the phone ring again. Or not. Maybe I'll just disconnect it until after tomorrow.
Happy Election Day tomorrow folks!

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