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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

October 7, 2014

Colorful vistas abound these early October days in New England—how blessed we are to see such Heavenly Artistry before the dark, grey-brown winter follows.
We took a trip north this past weekend, on a beautiful crisp, sunny autumn morning. As we rounded one bend in the road, a particularly stunning view opened. High mounds of tree-studded terrain, multi-colored and still lush, rose up before us, kissed by the morning sun.
While the bright colors have yet to reach their peak, there were eye-catching swatches of reds and oranges in among thick clumps of deep forest-green pine. The sun was of the angle that it made, in between those trees, deep dark shadows—a stunning picture of life! The shadows and valleys--darkness between the highlights are the things that define the more glorious, colorful places, outlining them in mystery. Those shadows shroud the experiences, the pain, even sorrow that leads, ultimately, to greater growth, color and beauty.
Hare Hollow is carpeted with yet-bright and colorful leaves: yellow-gold, crimson and rust. And yet the woods is still richly green. Tiny creatures scurry about in that carpet, scrunching in the fallen leaves, chipping and chattering happily as they continue to prepare for the stark reality of winter just ahead. Their industrious zest for the now, and the joy they find in today is testimony for what I’d like to achieve as well. Do they know what’s coming? Why else would they prepare so heartily if they didn’t? The remarkable thing to me though, is their joyfulness in the doing.
Autumn brings a deeper battle for this struggling soul. Each year I battle the dread: cold, dreariness and confinement… and the depression that follows. Then ultimately a sense of guilt because of my inability to be grateful for every day granted… not just the summer ones. Sigh.
I think I know why I love quilts—and Lady Fivelina does too. What better way to cheer one’s self than to start piecing colorful fabric into warm, comforting puff-stitched hugs! Watch out sewing machine--here I come!

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