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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

March 6, 2015

Drip. Drip-drip—what a wonderfully welcome sound coming from slowly melting icicles hanging off our roof and well, every other formerly frozen-for-weeks surface! Oh it didn’t last long—temps are back down to 2 degrees this morning, but it was a seed of hope. And according to the weatherman, there are days-in- the-forties soon to follow. You know what that means—drip-drip-drip.
Who’d think such a commonly annoying sound would, in these circumstances, be so joyous!
So now to tickle your whimsy and having you shaking your head again at my silly imaginings, I must relay the latest from MouseHouse. You see, they too are suffering from winter doldrums, just like the rest of us. It was past time for some entertainment and thanks to Miss Winklesnout’s careful planning and spreading-the-word, The Village enjoyed a most spectacular Ice Capades show atop our flat porch roof!
It didn’t take much effort on the part of the stronger mouse-children and gentlemen, to clear a sizable rink for the skaters. They shoveled the loose snow down to solid ice, pushing back the piles into bench-style seating for the spectators.
Miss Winklesnout worked out a schedule with Bluebelle Bluebird, Goldie Goldfinch and their ice-dancing entourage and soon the evening arrived. The spectators dressed warmly: thistle down coats, mufflers and mittens galore, and spread their blankets on the ice-benches provided. The little ones wriggled and squirmed while the crowd gathered. “Mama, can we have our popped sesame now? Is it almost time to start now?” they urged impatiently.
The squeaking, tittering and general din was nearly deafening! Suddenly, a hush spread across the crowd. Olaf & crew, manning the lights, (miniature LED flashlights, reclaimed of course!) worked from their perch on a tree limb above the crowd. The bright beams shone down on two beautiful creatures: Goldie and Bluebelle, as they swirled and twirled their way onto the ice, their beautiful feathers puffed and dusted with sparkles, and large feather plumes swaying from their heads.
With wings spread gracefully, they dipped and spiraled across the expanse to the beautiful accompaniment of Missy Meadowlark and back-ups. They trilled melody after melody in harmonious wonder while Slap-Hap Woody (Woodpecker) manned the percussion on a nearby fallen limb.
Soon the rest of the skaters joined Goldie and Bluebelle on the ice, all of them wowing the crowd with their graceful formations and dance. Then, dance over, retreated to perch daintily at the back of the crowd for a well-earned rest.
The applause died down and the crowd once again chatted and laughed, squeaked and tittered for a few minutes intermission.
The lights came on again and two comedic figures appeared. They wore puffy tunics filled with down and bright red and blue striped leggings, large elf-style hats completed the ensemble along with—of course—bright red clown-noses. They stumbled and bumbled across the ice with what could only be described as hilarious art-form, alternately chasing and pursuing, flipping and tumbling in what could only be described as Musketeer—ah, make that Mouseketeer style. The crowd roared with laughter—well, as loud as a mouse can roar. You get the idea.
When the show was over, all the skaters filed in for a collective bow, and as they did, the two clowns pulled off their silly hats and noses—behold it was Bic and Ben!
A wonderful time was had by all and, after the show, everyone was invited to SchoolHouse Hall for refreshments.
So along with that welcome sound of arriving spring—drip-drip-drip, I’m the happy recipient of daily morning practice sessions of Goldie, Bluebelle, Missy and all their many friends.
What a delightful sound after a long, cold, silent winter.

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