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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

March 24, 2014

Spring—elusive and yearned for by all. It’s been a seemingly endless winter nation-wide, and the topic of conversation no matter where you go. And I probably don't need to mention that there's yet another storm looming on the horizon. The weatherman says a dusting for some, others will have blizzard-like conditions. Me? Well… stormy days are great for cleaning closets and junk drawers. I’ve a few that need attention. And then of course, there are things to write about, such as the happenings at MouseHouse and Village.
Sir Fivel and his Lady have had a busy winter, and the summer will be busier yet, but I’ll get to that later. First let me tell you, Betina and Bret had a beautiful wedding—a small one mind you, but lovely. They said their vows in the Village Chapel, their two families in attendance along with a few close friends. Betina was resplendent in her simple gown of white silk with lace insets at the bodice and hem. She wore a lace veil held on by a sprig of delicate dried baby’s breath, all lovingly sewn by her mother. Little Bitsy was her sister’s maid-of-honor, also dressed simply and beautifully in blue floral silk—repurposed scarves make beautiful dresses for little Mouselings when a skilled seamstress is involved.
Bic and Ben wore matching knickers and vests—blue of course, Betina’s choice—and spiffy straw top hats with a band of matching blue.
Sir Fivel, dressed-to-the-nines in a navy suit with a new cap tilted jauntily over one ear. His lady tucked a sprig of baby’s breath in his lapel just before he lovingly escorted her to her seat, then returned to walk his beautiful daughter down the aisle.
After the ceremony, the wedding guests filed out of the Village Chapel and all were welcomed at Big Rock School where the reception was held.
Days earlier, Miss Winklesnout, along with a host of volunteers, cleaned the school room until it fairly sparkled. They pushed the desks back against the wall, and then covered them with lovely white tablecloths borrowed from several mothers. The morning of the wedding, those same mothers brought carefully prepared offerings of every kind of mouse-favorite food you can imagine! There was acorn and vegetable casseroles, sunflower custards, dried rosehip cobblers, and oh-so-many-more.
The wedding cake was simple but delish, I heard—another of Fivelina’s creations. She baked the batter in acorn half-shells, assembling the tiny cupcake-like creations into a heart shape before frosting it altogether. In the center, she set a miniature cake-topper of a mouseling bride and groom, hand-carved by a loving dad. Yup. You guessed it—Sir Fivel himself.
So the happy young couple is settling into their new home at Front Porch Eave. Bret worked hard all winter wrapping up the finishing touches, and what with Sir Fivel’s skill at furniture making, and the ladies’ tireless work with thread and needle, along with generous wedding gifts from many friends, the newlyweds are snug and comfortable.
And tomorrow, I will write more MouseHouse happenings and tell you what summer surprises are to come. That is--assuming we have a summer! I know-I know. It'll come. [sigh] Now for that messy junk drawer.

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