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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

April 8, 2014

Back to normal--almost, and filled with humble gratitude. Sometimes it takes a nasty bout with something to help us appreciate the simple blessings of everyday--like breathing clearly, swallowing without pain and having enough energy to pick up where we left off.
It's supposed to be warm this week--as in 60-something degrees. Oh happy day! Our little birds have been rejoicing from the treetops for weeks though, singing their wee hearts out, fluffing up their bright new spring feathers for the benefit of interested suitors. The lady-birds are checking out the real estate and vying with other lady-birds for the best nesting sites. And all the while I've been thinking--what's the matter with them; it's freezing out there! Well, obviously they were too busy to notice little annoyances like that. Just going about their business as usual. Good advice for me.
Have to say I'm at least thinking about tearing down curtains, filling the scrub pail, polishing windows and cabinet doors--into the nesting instinct myself, I guess. Well, truth-be-told, ours emptied long ago, but Papa Hare and I still live here, so it's nice to have a clean, fresh nest too! Anyway... somehow the thinking part has yet to be followed by action. Guess I still haven't found all of my get-up-and-go--not sure where it got-up-and-went, but I'll find it one of these days.
Fivelina has been busy the past couple of days, fixing up the new nursery. Sir Fivel and Olaf cut into the main wall of the living room, framed out a small nursery and got it paneled and whitewashed. They finished the hardwood-popsicle stick floor with care, sanding it carefully, sealing it with beeswax so there's nary a splinter to be found. A new bureau waits too along with two tiny cradles hooked together so they can be rocked simultaneously, or, if the need arises, unhooked and located in separate areas. Fivelina lined them in soft down mattresses, flannel sheeting and warm covers. The drawers of the new bureau are filled with nappies and nighties, wee booties and bonnets. All is ready.
She tires easily now, and spends much of the time in her rocker, working on a small crocheted oval rug that will just fit between the cradles and bureau. Betina has been coming over evenings, after work, to help, keeping the laundry and cooking done ahead as much as possible. So now we wait for the happy news. Any day now...
Oh I do look forward to being out on back porch again where I can actually see Hare Hollow birds and creatures in their spring pursuits. Today however, it's pouring-down-rain and hardly warm enough for backporch dreaming.
Now... about that scrub pail. Nah! Another day.

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