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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

November 14, 2013

Ever notice the parade of catalogs stuffed in your mailbox, day after day, at this time of year? The idea of being force-fed the exact same merchandise, under guise of a different cover, week after week from mid-September to the day before Christmas somehow repulses me. Why, pray tell, if I wasn’t interested in buying it last week, or last month, would I want to now?
It rankles that this deluge of junk mail also forces us into more recycling chores. It keeps us fit, of course, running out to empty the kitchen container every couple of days. It’s just plain awful! These things aren’t even fire-start-worthy! They’re full of toxic ink!
Oh I know… there are web-sites where you can post your preferences, at least for some of them. And I have done that, but then made the mistake of purchasing something last July. Evidently, not only does that remove our name from the Do-Not-Send list, it also sends hey-guess-who-bought-something feelers out to sixteen other merchants of similar ilk! Argh! Is there no mercy?
Well, MouseHouse doesn’t have to worry about such things. No postal service there; no junk mail; and for that matter no cell phones or computers either. Papa Hare said he believes the birds have BeakBook though… so who knows, maybe there’s an underground network for the wee-creatures too. MouseBook perhaps?

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