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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

October 14, 2014

Seasonal alterations. My feeble attempt at describing what I hope is a more positive attitude on this cloudy autumnal morning. Despite the falling leaves, bare treetops, dying perennials and crispy-frost-fried annuals—oh, and way too much darkness already, I need to think of it as just seasonal alterations. My hubby reminds me that the trees and plants are going into another phase of development—resting on the outside, rooting beneath the surface. Good spiritual inspiration for sure.
Still I rebel. That age-old poem about the little boy tying the leaves so they won’t fall down—I can identify with him. And the darkness, it haunts me. Before the last rays of setting sun tickle the treetops of Hare Hollow woodlands, I am pulling drapes, lighting lamps and candles, making soups and stews to fill the house (and our tummies) with comfort.
Yes, it’s time for heavy drapes, for quilts and cozies on every chair, aromatic, cracklin’ fires in the wood-stove and the resulting amber-glow that brings instant repose to a room.
BackPorch feels and looks bereft these days, no longer chock full of hanging plants and pedestal-pots of lushness. They are all snuggly tucked into their winter places indoors.
The beautiful shade trees that make our porch seem more like a tree-house than an outdoor room, are now stripped and skeletal. We do have a good view of the woods now, but the woods and all its creatures now have a good view of us too!
Speaking of creatures, we’ve had near-nightly escapades of late with MouseHouse relatives—a chilling omen to the winter ahead. We rarely have this many, this early, even in our country setting.
Turns out though, that Our Maisy-Mae is a champion mouser, and she finds it necessary to bring the nightly catch upstairs (from the basement) for evening sport. When we are done praising her for the wonderful protection she provides us, and being the no-kill-if-possible kind of folks that we are, we proceed to fetch-and-rescue mode. And let me tell you, we could write a book on that one! Suffice it to say that we entertain hope that after the third or fourth rotation from cellar to woods, back to cellar and woods again, these little creatures will learn to make their dwelling elsewhere. We’re still waiting.
Meanwhile, all is well with the more orderly and respectful MouseHouse clan. Most of the woodland residents have finished their hunting and gathering, and like us, have settled into their cozy dwellings, gathered around their Walnut Woodstoves, toasting acorns and catching up with the latest news. Little Tina and Miss Winklesnout are getting along just fine, the spinster lady more than delighted to have a little girl of her own!
There is a Harvest Dinner, a community celebration planned for later next month—a kind of Woodland Thanksgiving if you will, so the ladies are all pouring over their recipes looking for just the right casserole or pie to prepare. The children are looking forward to sock-races and acorn-toss games, along with nut-bobbing and a treasure-hunt.
Their enthusiasm is enviable. For sure I need to make some seasonal alterations to mine!

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