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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

August 4, 2015

The Mysterious Night-Guest…
Out watering the gardens these last few weeks, I’ve noticed something peculiar— carefully dug-out areas in the cedar mulch just the size of a smallish animal. The mulch is carefully pushed aside, the soil beneath patted down smooth as you please, and there in the dirt is a perfect imprint of a curled-up, snoozing something. The spot is long-abandoned by daylight of course, but easily recognizable as a resting spot.
What it could be, I wonder… a stray kitty perhaps, or a skunk—though if it is, she most graciously leaves no scent. Could be a little fox or even a roly-poly woodchuck, but whoever it is, the location is different every night. The little dug-outs appear here and there in the front gardens, then later near Potting Shed gardens, and even at the edge of the garden boxes.
I suspect that along with a cushy bed, tucked safely under the now-towering plants and blooms, this little night-guest is also dining sumptuously—there have been noticeably fewer chipmunks in my flower beds this year, and the mole-mounds have all but disappeared.
Oh my! I must warn the MouseHouse clan! Then again, as careful as they are about such matters, they are likely well aware.
Meanwhile, the mysterious night-guest remains, polite and tidy, mind-you, but leaving little imprints of evidence here and about. It keeps me guessing, but then, maybe that’s the idea?

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