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Thursday, November 27, 2014

October 4, 2013
Wolves at Hare Hollow? Well, probably not, but it sure looked like some wolf pictures I've seen. He--well, he didn't proclaim gender, but for want of knowing better, I'll just assume... now what was I saying? Oh yes, he sauntered through the back yard, head held high, fat fluffy tail curled happily. He paused only a nano-second, an arrogant glance in my direction. We briefly made eye-contact and that wild, calculating look was enough to tell me I wasn't looking at any ole' puppy-dog! His coat was clean and fluffy looking, a tawny deer-brown, and he stood taller and broader than our usual gray dirty-looking coyotes. Yet according to Wikipedia, he probably is-- a coyote, that is. There are brown ones too. As far as I know, there are no wolves in this part of Connecticut, but I've learned this year that we have some mighty big coyotes!
We've seen Tawny Coyote before--a few times earlier in the summer, and even when we make our presence knowns, he seems remarkably unconcerned, which is, I have to admit, a little unnerving! Chances are he was well-aware of us long before we were of him, long before he decided to stroll through The Hollow and on into the woods again. It is that boldness that has me feeling wary. He's a beauty for sure, but one I'd like to keep at a safe distance thank-you-very-much.
As he passed, the silence was tangible, I noted. The birds were quiet, no one at the feeders. No Sammies, or Chippies, even MouseHouse was quiet. Middle of the day, everyone was busily about their business, I'm sure, but I suspect that every creature knew exactly where Tawny Coyote was as well, and each hunkered down--what do they say now, oh yes, sheltered-in-place--until he passed on by. Whew! Escaped this time!
It wasn't long after he left that I heard the Sammies (aka squirrels) crying in the tall trees. Not sure if they were warning one another, or if tragically they lost a family member in the fray. I know-I know...coyotes have to eat too. But... oh dear.
A bit shaken, I came in from the back porch, thankful for the place I have wherein to shelter safely! Goodness! What's next... elephants?!

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