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Sunday, November 23, 2014

September 21, 2013

Good early morning from the back porch of Pine Acres Campground. I have only a few minutes of free-weeee time, so I'll make this short.

First nights are always iffy in a different place, hearing different noises in the night, and it was no exception here in my wee cabin. Plink-plink, creak and groan, followed by multiple plinks throughout the night, all of which I chocked up to nuts being flung from very high trees surrounding us here. But it was the quieter rhythmic and insistent scritch-plinketity-blimpet that had me curious enough to leave my cozy bed to investigate. I crept cautiously in the beam of the flashlight out into the main room of the cabin. There! I heard it again! But as the flashlight scanned the room, the sound ceased.

This went on for awhile before I discovered the source... the fan was blowing on a little tin sign posted over the sink "Please Don't Waste Water"... causing the plinketity-blimpet, but it was the other scritch that had me concerned. Sure enough! As I reached to take the sign off the wall, I saw a little blur-of-fur and a suspicious glimpse of tiny blue overalls scurry up the pine paneling to higher planes.

"Bic!..." I exclaimed. How did you get here?" He peeked over the top of the knotty-pine cabinet, his whiskers twitching in mischief, a pair of beady black eyes shining in fun. "Young man... your parents must be frantic! How... oh never mind... I don't think I want to know..." 

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