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Thursday, November 27, 2014

October 3, 2013

Beautiful October. Gratitude swells as I raise the blinds and see the amber rays filtering through the woods across the road--russet maples, beautiful yellow-gold and oranges peeking out from among the still-greens—a beautiful sunny, albeit coolish morning. We are blessed with a few days of summer again, and this lady isn’t complaining! The to-do list is long, chores to finish, new ones to start and a few things to check off the Prep-for-Winter list, but for now, I’ve brewed a fresh cuppa and have settled out here on the back porch. It’s surprisingly quiet—well, it shouldn’t surprise me since it happens every year this way; maybe just say it like it is—I miss the birdsong of spring and summer.
The migrators have long-departed, so that accounts for fewer voices of course, but considering the headcount at the feeders each day, plenty are left to sing. Thing is, they are just plain busy! Too busy to sing, I guess. Busy searching, fetching and storing; seeking and prepping warm roosting spots in which to brave the coming winter-winds and long cold nights.
We’ve been watching Winona Woody clean out old nesting material from the woodpecker house. No, the woodpeckers didn’t nest there this year… a House Sparrow did! And Winona seems rather indignant really, appearing again and again at the doorway, pitooey-ing soiled dried grasses and other debris from her beak. She will bring in fresh supplies soon, making a cozy bed for winter. Who knows, maybe she’ll even get first dibs on the real estate in the spring when nesting time comes around!
It’s probably safe to say that all the woodland creatures are of the same mind these days—I know there’s lots of activity at MouseHouse. There’s so much to do to prepare for tomorrow, they are too busy to chatter and sing. Sad. Yet they are wise to think ahead. God made them well; He makes no mistakes. Still, there’s a lesson out here for me this morning: Don’t be so busy that I lose my Song.

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