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Sunday, November 23, 2014

September 16, 2013
Laundry day. The piles grow higher as the weather cools--guess our warmer things have more bulk. Of course it won't get done with me sitting here looking at it, so the sorting and sloshing, spinning and whirring begin. Have to say though, I'm thankful for my lot. Can you imagine the piles at MouseHouse on laundry day? Fivelina surely has her work cut out for her--all those little overalls and bloomers! You should see how neatly she hangs them to dry on the bittersweet vine that Fivel so lovingly strung up for her. Why, it's a marvel to behold! And even on a rainy day such as this, they flap safely in the breeze, tucked under the overhang. What a clever hubby she has, huh?

Oh there's the occasional mishap, seeing as she lacks enough clothespins, and I hear her calling to Bettina, "Please run down and fetch those overalls, dear. The wind snapped them right off the line again." And the Mouse-teen dutifully--well, sometimes at least--slides down the downspout, flips off the end, and retrieves them. Getting back up is a bit more challenging of course, carrying heavy wet overalls... but she is young and fit. Fivel takes note of the situation and sets himself down by the Walnut Woodstove and gets right to work wittling more clothespins for his lady-love.

My hubby is pretty clever too... he strung lines, years ago, across our covered, screened back porch, and things dry quickly out there even on the cloudiest days. Our garments aren't quite as charming as the Mouselings are, but... ah well.

The candle flickers on the stove as I pour another cuppa... must fortify myself before I get to work.

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