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Thursday, November 27, 2014

October 7, 2013

Rainy Monday. The to-do list is long and Mount Laundry towering, but there's something about rainy mornings that draw me irresistably toward the recliner, hot mug of honeyed tea in hand, and a good read. [Yawn] Maybe even a little mid-morning snooze? Lazy, you say. Hmm. You may be right.
Autumn has that effect on me too. Truth be told, I really don't like it that much--leaves dying, soon-to-be bare trees. Oh I know. The colors are breath-taking right now, beautiful Monet hillsides, vivid mums on every doorstep, bright yellows, rusts and wines tucked into hedged landscaping, fat pumpkins too, and cornstalks on lampposts, scarecrows grinning... it's all smile-worthy and, well... short-lived. A couple more days of rain and wind... well, you know the score. It'll soon be hunker-down weather, at least for this spring-summer-loving chick.
At MouseHouse, things are buzzing again. Bic is all recovered, but for a few lingering sore spots. He's back to school and his normal (albeit wiser) routines. Mouse school is in full session by now, there under Big Rock in Mama Hare's back garden. The mouse-children sit at tiny desks lovingly crafted by the creative mouse-village carpenter, none other than Sir Fivel.
Miss Winklesnout, their teacher, is an elderly mouse-ma'am, a bit on the plump-side, but lovingly jolly and of good nature. She is dressed this morning in her usual garb--a bright flowered dress tied at the waist with a thin bright blue ribbon. Miss Winklesnout loves ribbons! She has a collection of them--one to match every dress, and she is never seen without them. The more mischievous among the mouse-children find great glee in giving those ribbons a little tug as Miss Winklesnout walks by, causing the bow to come undone. Her reaction is what tickles them of course, the little shriek followed by high-pitched oh-my's and dear-dear's, as she twirls about trying to snatch the errant ribbon, the end trailing behind her, her spectacles slipping down her nose and sometimes falling right off the end! The faster she twirls, the more the ribbon flies, and the louder the giggles get.
"Now-now, children!... You must help me. We can't continue with our lessons until I get put-together here..." and so the more chivalrous Ben comes forward, his giggles contained but bubbling, and offers to help. "Stand still, Miss Winklesnout, and I'll help you." She complies, and soon her ribbon is tied securely again.
"Okay children. Now settle down. We need to begin our personal-safety studies today. Winter is coming and there is much to learn so that we can all stay safe. I need your full attention." As she pauses, waiting patiently for the giggles to subside, they settle in their seats.
Winter is coming. Oh yes. And I also have much to do. Best get off this recliner and get to it!

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