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Sunday, November 23, 2014

September 23, 2013

The suitcases are unpacked, sitting at the top of the cellar stairs waiting to be put in storage. The washer is sloshing, the dryer whirring and already, after being up only a couple of hours, I'm ready for a morning nap! Goodness... what is it about a few days outside the normal routines that's so exhausting? Or is it relaxing that's so exhausting?

Little Bic is tucked snug in his bunk bed this morning... didn't move a muscle when his momma called them all for breakfast. Of course he went missing for a few days there, off on an adventure with Mama Hare, despite not being invited, mind you! Evidently he stowed away in some secret pocket on the way to camp--I don't know exactly where, but have my suspicions! But yesterday, he rode in the front pocket of my purse--yes, I knew he was there when I packed up to leave Pine Acres. I heard him snoring, plum tuckered out he was after three days of play and mischief with all the friends he made.

When I got home, I set my purse down beside my chair on the porch, and sure enough when I checked later, the pocket was empty. I heard quite a bit of chatter at MouseHouse too as I settled down in my recliner out there, enjoying a bowl of Sunday-supper-soup. Bic got quite a lecture about leaving without telling his folks where he was going, and stowing away without invitation. All the mouselings were involved in the lesson I guess, since I heard yes-pappa's from more than just Bic. And there will be some penance involved I understand... Bic will have to do extra chores today.

Fivelina is just glad to have all her brood back, I think. I smelled a hearty breakfast being cooked on Walnut Woodstove this a.m. Perhaps ground corn flap-jacks? Sure smelled yummy! Ben and Bitsy enjoyed it, I'm sure. Like I said, Bic is still snoring.

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