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Thursday, November 27, 2014

October 13, 2013

Speak, Lord, in the stillness, while I wait on Thee; hush my heart to listen in expectancy--this is the song of my heart this early, hushed Sunday morning. The candle on the stove flickers invitingly as I prep my morning cuppa. All is silent, but the hum of the refrigerator. What a wonderful thing silence is, and how blessed I am to feel such soul-deep appreciation.
It's a noisy world. Every store blasts music (if you can call it that) so loud and obnoxious that it's hard to concentrate on what you're there to buy! And dare I mention restaurants? We sit across from each other, smiling apologetically because we can't hear a word we're saying to each other, so we wave instead, indicating that we'll finish the thought in the car, and of course, by the time we get there we've forgotten what it was we wanted to tell each other! We inhale the meal so we can get out of the noise. Whew! What a relief when we finally get outside! And we pay for this--often dearly? Hmmm.
Even out on the back porch--our little corner of heaven-on-earth, the noise creeps in. Well, truthfully it's more than a creep, but at least we can still hear each other. Neighbors mowing, or blowing leaves, the highway, even though 3 or more miles away, rushes and roars constantly... trucks, cars, sirens. Our used-to-be quiet country road, with a speed limit of 25 mph, is now more of a speedway, especially when college is in session. We can tell the time of day quite accurately just by the sound of traffic... the early morning commuters, and yes, we know exactly who is late and in a rush, schoolbuses and the testosterone-enriched college set, then mid-day, only the occasional whoosh and scurry. It all starts up again about 3 p.m. and continues past dinnertime. Then on weekends... well, that's another story.
Last night someone decided to celebrate July 4th--a little late maybe, but guess they were saving up the ammo. The blasts went on and on, and just when I thought it was over, and nearly back to sleep, another blast propelled me out of slumber--and nearly across the room. They must've had a good turnout for the event since not long after the last blast, the guests began to leave. Pipes roared, engines growled, tires squealed and then I guess there was a race scheduled as a finale. Several cars sped by and a few minutes later sped by again... and again. The pipes roared even louder and every little creature at Hare Hollow cowered in terror!
This morning though... it is still. The revelers are sleeping, the highway is quiet, even nature is at rest. Yes, even at MouseHouse. There was a little light from around the doorway this morning when I peeked out, so likely Sir Fivel is up getting a fire going in Walnut Woodstove. Perhaps he too is enjoying the stillness, reverent before His Creator as well.
How blessedly peaceful it is; how blessed I am to recognize it. Now to embrace this stillness, wrap it carefully around my soul, and bring it with me to our gathering this morning.

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